My Promise to You: Sleep Support

What role do I play as a Sleep Specialist?

I am the safe place when you need someone to talk to about how exhausting and defeating parenting can be some days. I am the guide to help you see your child for who they really are. I am here to help you feel empowered to follow your instincts. I am here to help you to understand you don’t need to be searching for all the parenting answers because we will guide you in discovering that YOU are the answer for your child. I want to assist you in synchronizing with your baby so you can recognize what is working for you and your baby and what is not. I want you to be able to recognize these things instinctually, while always placing attachment and connection at the highest importance.

What Do I Promise to You?

I promise to never use separation-based techniques.

Instead, I will encourage closeness and connection. I value the relationship you have with your child above all else.

I promise to never use any kind of sleep training in our time of support, ever.

Instead, we will guide you in learning how to empower your child to get more sleep without sleep training.

I promise to never ask you to leave your child to cry in isolation.

Instead, I will support you to make space for your child’s emotions so you can grow together.

I promise to NEVER give you a generic schedule or pre-created plan.

Instead, I will get to know your unique family, tune into changes as they happen, and guide all of us in adjustments as needed.

I promise to never support you using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, I will support you in a way that makes you feel confident and empowered in who you are as a parent to your unique and precious child.

I promise to never force you into making changes you don’t feel comfortable making.

Instead, I will guide you in keeping the things you love and changing the things you don’t. I will collaborate to make a custom and individualized plan that feels good in your heart.

I promise to never address sleep simply as a behavior.

Instead, I promise to work with you to get the root of the concern and work together to address what is interrupting your child’s sleep.

I promise to never judge you on the choices you have made.

Instead, I will support you in believing that as parents, when we know better, we do better.

I promise to never silence you, your concerns or your opinions, as you are the most important person in your child’s life.

Instead, I will help you navigate the journey of getting back to following your instincts and believing that you are your child’s best bet.

I promise to never make you feel alone as you navigate through changes.

Instead, we will be a part of your village.

I promise to never be close-minded about what could be affecting your child’s sleep.

Instead, we will take a holistic and comprehensive approach while investigating every aspect that could be causing concern.

I promise to never apply a standard approach to addressing the sleep concerns you have.

Instead, I will get to know your child and your family’s individual needs. We will get you to know your entire family, and support the family dynamic as we work through changes.

I promise to never push you to a place you don’t feel confident and supported.

Instead, I will help you discover how to set limits before you hit your own limit.

I promise to never push you to a place you, or your child, feel uncomfortable.

Instead, I will guide in you recognizing that sleep is a vulnerable place and that I can help your child sleep when they have met all their needs, including needs of proximity and connection.

I promise to never put your needs at lesser importance.

Instead, I will work alongside you to find ways to make self-care both possible, but also essential in your life.

Most importantly we are here to empower you to follow your instincts to get more sleep without resorting to separation-based techniques. We are here to empower you to believe from the depths of your heart that YOU are the BEST answer for your child. I am here to collaborate with you to find a solution that works for you and your family as a whole. I want to empower you to help your children fall asleep from a place of love and connection.

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